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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do I have to purchase a Package to be able to purchase from the A La Carte section?

A. You are free to make your purchase selection from anywhere on our order form! Pro-Tek Photography’s policy for purchasing photos of your children is affordable and flexible for all families.

Q. Am I allowed to have all of my children photographed together, instead of having each of them photographed individually? What is the additional charge to do this?

A. Yes, with Pro-Tek Photography, you may have all of your children photographed together at no additional charge. If you choose to have all of your children photographed individually as well as together, you will need to complete an order form for each child, as well as an order form for all of the children together. Our Sales Representative will be happy to assist you at the picture location.

Q. Am I allowed to pay with one check for all of my orders?

A. Yes, you may pay with one check for your orders, our Sales Representative at the picture location will be happy to assist you. (All order forms that the check will be paying for must be presented at one time to our Sales Associate.)

Q. What method of payment will Pro-Tek Photography accept?

A. We will accept CASH – CHECK – MONEY ORDER - CREDIT CARD payments for all orders.

Q. I can not pay for pictures today, can my child be photographed today with special arrangements being made to purchase them at a later date?

A. We will never refuse to photograph a child if the parent is not able to pay on picture day. We do have a special program in place for situations such as this. Please see our Sales Representative and they will be happy to assist you.

Q. Who do we contact with questions concerning picture day, changing orders, recently received orders, reorders or general questions?

A. Pro-Tek Photography’s Customer Service Department will be available to assist you with any of your questions. Hours are: Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:30am – 5:00pm / Wednesdays - Closed / Friday’s 9:30am-3:00pm. Our customer service begins as soon as your league has selected us to be the official league photographer and our customer service will continue long after picture day. You will need to contact us at PTP - not your league with any questions or problems concerning your order. Our goal at PTP is to make picture day run as smoothly as possible. The league and its volunteers have their jobs to do and it is our responsibility to be of service to their families. Answering any questions or concerns they may have about our services or their pictures is our job.

Q. How do we get our pictures returned to us?

A. Pictures will be returned to the league in approximately 2 weeks from the date the pictures were taken. The league will distribute pictures to the coaching staff - then the coaches give the photos to the players and parents. ** Some leagues may choose to have the photos returned to each player by mail. The league will inform you if this procedure has been selected.

Q. What if I am not pleased with my child’s pictures?

A. We offer complete satisfaction - always. Before issuing a refund, we will first offer to re-take your child’s photograph at a time that is most convenient for you. This is our standard policy. Our mission is to make you happy with our quality and our customer service, if we fail to do that; we will cheerfully refund your money. All refund and retake requests must be made within 30 days of receipt of your photos.

Q. Will I be able to reorder pictures at a later date?

A. Certainly....When you reveive your pictures, check the back of your envelope. There will be instructions to go online to reorder your photographs. Please feel free to contact us and our Customer Service Associates will be happy to assist you with your reorder. Thank you!

Q. There is a conflict with a few teams not being present on picture day, what can we do so they can have their individuals and team photo taken?

A. The Coach of each team that is not able to attend picture day needs to call us to make arrangements. We will work around his or her game and practice schedule to secure the best date and time for everyone.

Q. Will there be a retake day?

A. “Our mission is to do it right the first time”. We normally will not schedule a re-take day with any event we photograph; however, The chance of inclement weather may also force us to reschedule the event. \

If you are not completely satisfied with your photos, we will work with you and around your schedule for an appointment time in our studio to retake your photo. Issuing you a refund is the last thing we want to do - which we feel shows - we are not like other photography companies.