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Pro-Tek Photography was founded over 30 years ago because we saw needs in the community. Though many needs have adapted and changed since 1986, the presence of community needs and our commitment to fulfil those needs have not.

Our Individual Sports and Team Photography products and services are designed with these 3 community needs in mind:

  • Assist league operations: All leagues face the same problems; too much work to do and not enough people to help. Fields need mowed, Lines need painted, equipment needs checked, and games need played. You should not spend your time dealing with managing the photographer and pictures. So, our commitment is to handle every aspect of picture day that we can.
  • Click here to see how our products and services are geared towards improving your league operations.

  • Financial Contributions: We believe that the success of our business relies on the financial health of the leagues we photograph. That is why we donate to every league that we photograph. Since, 2000, we have donated over 1.8 Million dollars!
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  • Quality Service and Products: Parents spend hours at games and practices. hundreds or thousands of dollars on registrations and equipment. Don't they deserve great service and products from their photographer at a reasonable price? Also, if parents have any issues or questions, shouldn't they have a photography company staffed and equiped to handle that?
  • Click here to see how we are built to handle our customers needs even after the game is over and how they are getting value for their money.

    We offer superior photographs for all events at prices that are affordable to each participant. Our goal is to provide our customers with lasting photographic memories, offering superior quality and customer service that is second to none.