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“The days are long, but the years are short.” - Gretchen Rubin ~ So, let us capture today for you!

Pro-Tek Sample Softball Photo

Pro-Tek Sample Basketball Photo

Since 1986, Pro-Tek Photography has had a strong presence in the Photography Industry in Central Indiana. We are the official photographer of over 200 Organizations and photograph over 60,000 Youth Athletes and Preschool Children every year. Our loyal customers have allowed us to donate over 1.8 Million Dollars back our community since 2000!

Team and Individual Sports Photography:

Click above to see how we can handle everything from sending out Online Pre-Pay options, making picture schedules and mailing photos directly to each Athletes home. Zero fees to the League and we make a Financial Contribution. Click here to check our our Sports Division on Facebook.

Preschool Photography:

Did you know that we don't just photograph Sports!? Our Preschool division and have been photographing preschools for over 15 years. In March of 2020 we began our Preschool Growth Initiative. Click above to find out more about our Preschool Growth Initiative and learn about how we can be a part of your preschool family. Click here to check out our Preschool Division on Facebook.

Commercial Photography:

Do you need professional headshots of yourself or your staff? Do you want to make sure you don't over pay, duh!? Click above to see our below market pricing for the professional photos you need! Click here to check out our Commercial Photography on Facebook.

Event Photography:

Father-Daughter Dances... Yep! Mother-Son Dances...of course! Proms...For Sure! Family Nights...every year! We photograph events like these and more every year and have for over 20 years! Click above for information. Click here to check out information about our Commercial Photography on Facebook.

About Us:

Click above to learn about our long history and how that experience is why our customers have counted on us for over 30 years and why you can count on us in the future!

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